Reduce the waste of food with Too Good To Go

Reduce the waste of food with Too Good To Go

The Too Good To Go app, also live in the UK, continues to grow. Worldwide we throw away a third of all the food produced each year. Too Good To Go believes this has to change. Committed to their mission to eliminate food waste in the world, they use their app to stop food waste by creating a Magic Box.

Food waste

The reduce of food waste is an important point on our social agenda. In addition to the food waste of approximately €350 per household, the supermarkets, producers, catering establishments and brokers throw away another 2 million euros worth of edible food. And in the meanwhile 842 million people worldwide do not have enough to eat. The believe that something has to be done about this has now reached many of us. Too Good To Go is an originally Danish app that helps us to solve this problem.

What to do about it?

Many supermarkets, restaurants, butchers and bakers face the same problem: what should we do with our leftover food? Of course, the solution to this problem starts with the purchase, storage, preparation and portioning of the food. By labelling the food in the right way, a big hit can be made in the loss of food. When the food is labelled, one can see immediately until which day and what time it can be used and, if needed, respond to that in a proper way, for example by bringing the product under attention, adjusting a recipe or selling the product on discount. For those who still have to deal with leftovers, Too Good To Go developed a concept in which they offer help and focus on selling the food instead of throwing it away.

The Magic Box

The concept is simple: the store or restaurant puts the leftover food in a box, the so-called Magic Box. In the app, customers can see on a map what is offered in their region and subscribe to a box. The price of the Magic Box varies between three and five euros and always contains three times that value. Participating shops and restaurants pay a fee on the relevant price.

After the app was launched in Denmark in 2016, more than 3000 partners were connected, the app was downloaded 1 million times and 500.000 meals were saved. The numbers continue to grow and nowadays Too Good To Go has over 3,5 million users. The concept has been spread out over seven European countries with the Netherlands as the newest addition.


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